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Friday, January 17, 2014

She's No Angel (Excerpt 10)

Hello, everyone.
I hope you're all having an enjoyable Saturday.
For those of you who asked last week, here it is.
The tawse spanking continues
as David restrains her to help her take her punishment.

            "Stuff this handkerchief in your mouth, and put your ankles together.”
            I slid my belt off, and she shuddered from the sound.  I wasn’t going to spank her with it, though.  Instead, I used it to tie her legs together.
            “Now, then,” I told her.  “You bring them up this time and I’ll start smacking those calves, you hear me?”
            She nodded, and I went back to her whipping.  Being restrained and gagged seemed to do something to her.  She started crying immediately as I spanked her steadily and gave her a big, long lecture about fucking around on me.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this snippet.

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