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Friday, May 30, 2014

Regency Romance Teaser

Hi, everyone! 
This week I'm back with a teaser from my new WIP
(it doesn't have a name yet, but it's a Regency romance.)
I hope you enjoy it

“Do you remember what I told you might happen if you show your temper again?”

“I didn’t mean to throw it.  I was just in such a state.  Anyone might be.”

“Yes, but not everyone lets their temper get the best of them in such a way.  Not everyone throws letter openers across the room when they are vexed.”

He gave me a few moments to digest this, and then he motioned me forward.
“Go to the desk over there,” he told me, “and open the third drawer on the right.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed it! 
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It'll be lots of fun, I promise.
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  1. Tease! The spanking should go to Angie Sargenti for that. Great snippet.

  2. Come on, exactly what is in the drawer? Write fast please.

  3. ooo, get what's in the drawer :D yes, you are definitely a tease :D

  4. Love Regencies! And this is a great snippet.

  5. Wait! No! Open the drawer! Damn. Good one.

  6. Yikes, she threw a letter opener. I wonder if she knows whats in the drawer?

  7. I don't know what's in the draw but I'd bet it is made of leather wood. Great snippet Angela :)

  8. Don't open the drawer! LOL. Awesome snippet! P J Perryman


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