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Friday, April 5, 2013

Tearjerker (A Work In Progress)

This week's snippet is from one of my works in progress called "Tearjerker."

I spank her quite hard sometimes, and with different implements, but mostly just by hand because mostly, that’s all she needs.  Mostly I’ll have her all dolled up in a skirt and thigh-highs with regular panties, because I won’t be cheated out of my favorite part by a thong.  She has to take off her own shoes and get over my lap, but I do the rest, the rearranging of her clothes. 

 Lifting her skirt and taking down her panties is like unwrapping a present to me, and once I have it unwrapped, all I need from her is a tearful apology and a nice red butt.

 I don’t go by the redness of her butt, though, to tell me when she’s done.  What I go by is how she’s acting.  Sometimes I can break her down right away because she knows she’s been super-bratty and is already pretty sorry about it, but sometimes she gets in this stubborn little mood where she refuses to cry and soften.

Days like that, I usually have to get after her with a paddle or something.  Some days I have to bruise that little butt of hers or she’ll just lie there mute over my knee, but I can eventually crack her with a big long lecture and a sound ass-whipping. 

I hope you enjoyed the snippet.  The name of the book is still untitled.  If you liked it, you might want to check out some of my other work  here on my Amazon author page.
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  1. Great snippet! I'm looking forward to reading more from you!

  2. What a great look at this (wip), the anticipation, and descriptive differences used in her spankings and even the colorful hews that present. Looking forward to this now.

  3. I like the imagery of his unwrapping a present. Very visual and understandable. Great snippet, Angie. I hope you share more with us.

  4. I like the point of view you used. Gives us great insight into his thoughts, feelings, and motivations. Great excerpt!

  5. What Normandie said. Really nicely done - I love that it's all presented via the spanker's POV, that the spankee (about whom it's really all about) doesn't get a say. Very sexy thing to do.

  6. I always love a story that includes the hero's POV. Great snippet:)

  7. Nice to have the spanker's POV. Best of luck with your writing!

  8. I love the spanker undressing/arranging the spankee too. so hot.

  9. Enjoyed reading his POV, the peek inside his head. And yes, the undressing is hot.

  10. THis was a hot snippet. It’s always good to see what goes on inside a man’s head.


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