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Friday, March 29, 2013

My Special Day (excerpt from the book, My First Threesome)

What can I say?

Two men playing my body like a cello did me in and I felt the first orgasm hit.  It was such a relief I sobbed out loud, and Brandon plucked me up off the couch and dragged me to the loveseat to give me the rest of my birthday swats. 

He went a little harder than Mark, but I loved it anyway, and when he was done, he ordered me up to go straddle my husband’s cock.  I sank down to my knees and hooked my hands over Mark’s neck.

“Oh, my God, I love you guys so much.”

Mark kissed me and pulled me tight against his chest while Brandon settled himself behind me.  He greased up my ass with the lube, and once Mark had his dick in me, he entered me from the rear.  He let Brandon establish a rhythm and when he did, they both started humping me, their cocks surging in and out of me simultaneously. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this little snippet.
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  1. It's funny that we both posted snippets that reference classical music! Rather different contexts, though. :)

  2. Now that's SOME kinda birthday! Thanks for sharing that excerpt. :)

  3. Sure beats ice cream and cake. One hot birthday celebration.

  4. Loving those birthday spankings!

  5. Now there’s a gift that keeps on giving! Great snippet Angie :)

  6. This is a wonderful snippet! Birthday spankings and a threesome ... what wonderful day she's had!


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