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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crayon Color Contest

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an excerpt from my new book, So Spankable! 

In it, there' a story called, "Those Little Tricks of Life," and one of the characters tells his spankee they'll have to invent a new crayon color for how red he's going to make her.

Well, my Facebook friends and I were discussing it, and we were trying to figure out just what that crayon would be called, and I have decided to run a contest.

I'll dedicate my next book to the person who comes up with the best name for that crayon. 

All you have to do is read the excerpt here and tweet me your answer (@angiesargenti) by April 16.  Simple, right?  I'll chose the answer I like best and when the book is published, it will be dedicated to you.

There's no money, royalties, or physical prizes involved.  Just the glory of seeing your name in print!

(Well, it'll be an ebook actually, but still.)

This is your chance to impress your friends with how clever you are, so jump right in, and don't forget to send your tweet to @angiesargenti.

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