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Friday, June 29, 2018

Hi, everyone.
How are you this hot June morning?
We're trying to keep it cool over here.
Not too cool, though, because we're still going
to heat you up with today's snippet.
This one comes from a story I wrote a long
time ago, entitled, "XOXO",
the first of the two "Dear Diary" stories,
where the heroine regales her diary with the
tale of her very first threesome.

“Doesn’t she have a beautiful ass?” Aja asked Vince.  But without waiting for an answer, he turned his attention back to me and started spanking me again, laying down some pretty hard slaps. 
“Here’s what’s going to happen,” he told me.  “When I’m done spanking your ass, you’re going over Vince’s lap so he can finish you up.” 
The smacks got harder and I started to complain a little. 
“Don’t listen to her when she’s like this,” Aja told Vince.  “This girl can take a lot.  And oh, yeah.  Our safe word is just actually safe word.” 
He repositioned me a little and started wailing on my butt again, getting it nice and toasty.  All of a sudden, he stopped and sat me up.  
“Go to Vince,” he told me.

In her diary, a young woman writes about her first threesome with her straight vanilla boyfriend and her more experienced lover, Aja.  A good spanking to kick it off and Vince is off and running, eager to experience the joys of double-penetration and ménage.  If you want to check it out, you can pick up a copy here.


  1. Two is always better than one.

  2. Double the spanking, but not necessarily double the fun. Not sure I'd enjoy being traded over like a shared burrito.


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