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Friday, October 27, 2017

Miranda's Spanking

        Hi, everyone!

Is everybody ready for Halloween?
I sure am. 
I've got everything set up and all I have to do now is wait.
Anyway, today's snippet is from The Brat and the Brainiac again.
Here's the continuation of Miranda's spanking
from last week. 
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“Go get over the desk.”

“Can’t I just stay here?”

“No.  I’m going to bruise that peachy little ass of yours, and if I have to do it every day to stop you from cussing me out, I will.  And when you go off to school tomorrow--and you will--it’ll give you something else to think about besides sitting around drinking wine.  Now go bend over the desk.”

This rough way of speaking to her makes her start crying, but she goes and lays her upper body over the desktop, her bottom presented at the perfect level for another good paddling.  I feel mean, being so stern with her, but I know it’s what she needs, so I go to her and yank her pants down further, all the way down to her knees.

“Stop crying,” I tell her, and she sniffles and tries to hold it in, at least enough so she can hear me.  “Now, we’re going to do ten more and you’re going to count them off.  If you lose track, we start over.”

Miranda’s a college student with a sassy attitude and too much time on her hands. Jason’s highly educated in the science of baseball. He’s an assistant coach, used to guiding young people in the right direction. Well, Miranda sure could use some direction. He takes her in hand with a trip over his knee, and little by little, they fall in love. Will Jason’s busy career and Miranda’s saucy mouth derail their relationship, or can Jason pull it back so they can live happily ever after?

Find out by grabbing a copy of your own.  It's available here and here.


  1. I love that he doesn't want to go overboard, but he's willing to give her what she needs.

  2. He's going to be a wonderful husband.

  3. That rule of 'if you lose count I start over' has to be the meanest one in DD-dom. Poor Miranda!

    1. It is pretty mean, isn't it? Thanks for swinging by!

  4. I agree with Libby. Also, I seem to recall he wasn't sure about acting the Dom when they first started. I'd say he's a really fast learner!

    1. You're right. He was pretty vanilla at the outset. Thanks for reading!

  5. Jason is lovely. The perfect mix of stern and caring. Great snippet Angela :)

  6. I hope she doesn't lose track!! Great snippet with lots of tension... now the question is, will she learn her lesson? :)


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