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Friday, October 20, 2017

In Trouble Again

     Hi, everyone!
I hope you had a great week
and are enjoying your weekend.
Today's snippet is from an older book of mine,
The Brat and the Brainiac,
but I wasn't doing #SatSpanks at the time, 
so it should be all new to most of you.
In this snippet, Miranda's in trouble for not contacting her college instructors regarding her unavoidable absences following an accident she was in.
I hope you like it!
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“Did we agree yesterday that you’d go talk to your teachers about what happened and see if they’d give you a chance to make up your work?”


I pick up the paddle and whack her with it hard.  She squeals.

“Well?” I ask her.  “Then why didn’t you?  Do you have a good reason?”

“No.  Not one you’ll accept.”

I give her another hard whack.

“The next time you agree to something, do you think you can be an adult and honor your word?”


“Good, because I like doing this even less than you like having it done, but I’ll be damned if I marry a lying idiot.”

“I won’t be an idiot.  I’ll just be a drop-out.”

“The hell, you will.”
And I start spanking her with good, firm swats.

Miranda’s a college student with a sassy attitude and too much time on her hands. Jason’s highly educated in the science of baseball. He’s an assistant coach, used to guiding young people in the right direction. Well, Miranda sure could use some direction. He takes her in hand with a trip over his knee, and little by little, they fall in love. Will Jason’s busy career and Miranda’s saucy mouth derail their relationship, or can Jason pull it back so they can live happily ever after?

Find out by grabbing a copy of your own.  It's available here and here.


  1. I think I know who's going to win this argument! Somehow I don't think dropping out is going to be an option. Great snippet Angela :)

  2. I agree with Connie. He won't accept dropping out as an option, but I'm curious why she didn't do what she said she would.

  3. Miranda's about to regret that smart mouth . She needs to learn to keep her promises or Jason will step in. I can't wait

  4. Miranda proves she's a smart thinker - maybe too smart for her own good.

  5. I'm so glad I'm done with school forever. And this lovely snippet make me realize it all over again.

    1. Me, too. I had so much more free time when I had no homework. And studying for Algebra nearly killed me.


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