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Friday, August 4, 2017

#NewRelease - Marigold and the Manager - Getting Naked

Hi, everyone!
I hope you had a great week
and are enjoying your weekend.
Today I have a snippet without any spanking in it.
It's just the prelude to a sex scene (there are several) but I hope you like it anyway.
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“That’s a cute little top,” he says, popping open the first button. “It looks like the kind of thing that should be on the floor.”
It’s delicate and made of the finest cotton, so I know it will wrinkle, but I decide not to care, even if I have to sneak the iron away from Ignatius and do it myself.
“What about my bra?”
“Nice,” he says, fingering the white lace. “Very nice, but yeah. That, too,”
He reaches behind me and unhooks my bra one-handed. This he flings to the floor, too.
“Now you take something off,” I tell him.
“Okay,” he says, pushing me back enough to reach and peel off his socks.
“No, something substantial. This isn’t strip poker, you know.”

 If you liked that snippet and would like to read more,
Marigold and the Manager is available for
purchase here and here.


  1. Yeah, turnabout is only fair. If she took off her blouse and bra, he definitely needs to remove something more than his socks. Love the lead in, Angie.

  2. The prelude to a spanking can make or break how good and / or bad it is.
    I like the way Marigold decides not to care about her cotton blouse on the floor. It says so much about her state of mind and what is going on with her manager.
    Great snippet.


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