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Friday, July 28, 2017

#NewRelease Marigold and the Manager "Two Notches."

Hi, everybody!
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and welcome to #SatSpanks.
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My heart skips a beat. “Wait. You’re not going to roast my thighs after all, are you?”
“No. Just crank up the heat a notch.”
“I don’t think Tommy likes it when Vanessa swears, either. She always looks so dismayed when she does it, and you can totally tell it’s by accident.”
“Quit stalling, or I’ll make it two notches.”
Two notches still doesn’t sound too bad, so I slide over his lap again and let him spank me some more. Maybe I’m already warmed up from earlier, because it doesn’t hurt near as much as I expect it to. When he’s done, he lets me back up, and then he guides me to come stand between his legs

Well, I hope you liked it.
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  1. I'd say she's enjoying the attention right now and he's playing. So, what is it he intends to do next? I agree with Leigh. Whatever he decides, I think she's up for it.

    1. She's up for almost anything. Thanks for stopping by!


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