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Friday, February 7, 2014

Handy Hannah (Excerpt)

Hi, Everyone,
Today I have an excerpt from my story,
"Handy Hannah"
from the book, "Sex Toy Stories II."
In this scene, Jack has won this week's competition and gets to top his wife.
Please enjoy.

I acknowledge defeat gracefully.


“Looks like you’re this week’s winner, Jack.”

“Good,” he says.  “Here’s what we’ll do.  You go get something cute on, like that little white nurse’s uniform you bought that time, and when you get back, we’ll deal with our little problem.”

I skip off in glee, excited for my punishment.  I put on the mini-dress and stockings and all, but I decide to morph two roles into one.  I put on some ruffled white panties and suddenly, I’m a naughty little French maid-ish lab assistant.

I hope you liked this week's excerpt.  If you are interested in getting your own copy of the book, here is the buy link.
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  1. Sounds like she has a great night ahead of her!

  2. Love it. It's so sweet how excited she is by their role-play. There are so many stories where the woman is crying and chastened with punishment; it's nice to see couples enjoying the erotic side of it, too.

  3. Something tells me they are going to have lots of fun.

  4. Role play is so much fun. :-) Love the white ruffled panties. I wonder what Jack is going to do with them? ~giggles~

  5. Nice excerpt

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. Thank you for the snippet.

  7. I like this excerpt very much, thank you!! Very cute and sexy.

  8. I love her excitement. She plans a fun night ahead, and I'm sure he won't disappoint her. Cute snippet, Angie.

  9. oo wonderful! mixing of costumes, that is so cute


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