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Friday, February 21, 2014

Vince and Aja - Snippet II

Hello, everyone!
I hope everybody's having a great day. 
I am. 
The weather here is nice and I just found out that "She's No Angel"
is being published by Blushing Books!
I don't have a release date yet,
but I'll be sure to let you guys know when I do.

Anyway, on to #SatSpanks.
Today's excerpt is a continuation of last week's, where Vince and Aja are punishing Miranda for texting while driving.

“What was so important it couldn’t wait until you were parked?”

“Nothing,” I told them.  “I just wanted to update my Facebook status.”

“Screw Facebook,” said Aja.  “You pull over and do that.”

“Yes, Aja.”

“All right, then.  We’ll begin.”

With that, they let loose, first one and then the other, a mere second or two apart so there was always a belt hitting me.  Within a minute, my butt already felt red and welted, and I knew we were a long, long way from being finished.  They took health and safety stuff pretty seriously, and risking my life to text was just about as serious as it got.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's #SatSpanks. 
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  1. I have to admit it took me like five minutes before I even got to the snippet -- that is a smokin' picture.

    And then the snippet was even hotter! Tag team belting. Love it -- and that is going to be a sore young lady...

    1. Thanks, Trent. I'm glad you liked the picture and the snippet!

  2. I agree, a double belting should be a sure fire way of getting through to even the most stubborn girl.

  3. Uh oh, she's in big trouble! Congrats on your upcoming release, Angie! :)

  4. It IS serious. Definitely deserving of the belt. :)

  5. She made a bad choice and should definitely be shown the consequence.

    1. Yep. Good thing she has two strong men to show her the error of her ways.

  6. You're certainly not glorifying txting and driving, or are you?

    1. No. I've seen too many bad accidents because of that. (we live on a very dangerous stretch of highway.)

  7. Ooh, yup risking your safety and well-being will get you turned over their knees faster than anything. Love the snippet, Angie.

  8. nice snippet! the attention they're giving is so wonderful

  9. Double spankings, double beltings...man what a hop. So glad I read them!


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