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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Art of Forgiveness - (Excerpt)

Hi, everyone!
Once again, welcome to #SatSpanks.
This week's offering is an excerpt from my story,
"The Art of Forgiveness"
which can be found in the book,
"So Spankable!"
In the excerpt, Miranda, the ballet-dancing heroine, is mid-spanking with her boyfriend, Vince,
who's complaining about a particular sub-genre of porn he ran across.

I said, “You won’t give a damn about ballerina porn when I get through with you.  You’ll be glad when you see it.  You’ll want to see it then.  You’ll even want to do it.”

Well, Diary, that must’ve hit home because he started smacking me harder, every slap-noise reverberating off the walls in that cavernous room.  But I’m the kind who needs to be lectured to.  I have to have my crimes catalogued for me, or else I have to be questioned closely until I confess all. 

I have to be told what I’m being punished for and how richly I deserve it, but Vince held silent throughout.
    If you'd like to read the rest of the story, you can get a copy here.  
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  1. Really, really neat dynamic. The need for the lecture adds so much to the tension.

  2. Lectures… I don't know, I always think it's kind of hard to listen.

  3. I like her admitting to herself that she needs to have her crimes cataloged for her.
    Great snippet.

  4. I would want to know why I'm being spanked too. I all for cataloguing my offenses.

  5. I think the cataloging is part of the cleansing/forgiveness process. These are the misdeeds that the spanking is addressing and absolving. If they aren't cataloged, they remain an unspoken issue in both partners minds.

  6. When spanked for naughtiness, the list of infractions is very important for the release. And ballerina porn is hot, so....here's hoping she gets her own homemade dance. :)

    1. She definitely has a way of getting what she wants.

  7. I had no idea about ballerina porn. I think I could get into that...

  8. oo I like it! her comments to the diary. Now I'm going to have to ask my Master about ballerina porn, although I think I've seen one picture in His screen saver that kinda looks like a ballerina stretching :D


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