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Friday, August 16, 2013

Lights Out (Excerpt)

Hi, everyone.
This week I have an excerpt from my story,
"Lights Out,"
which is featured in Rachel Kramer Bussel's new book,
Baby Got Back, now available here.
Lights Out
“I’m going to ream you out like you’ve never seen,” I told him, reinserting the glass dildo.  “I’m going to fuck you with my big, huge dick.”
“Please,” he told me.  “Please.”
"Talking back?” I demanded.  “Well, you’ll have to be spanked for that impertinence.”

By then Brian was at his wit’s end to have me fuck him, but I pushed him a little more by dropping the paddle and teasing him some more.  I traced little patterns on his reddened ass and pinched the sore spots on his bottom.

Finally, I rose to my knees and lubed up my fake penis. 
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed my little snippet. 
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  1. An intense snippet, Angie. Makes me wonder exactly what's going on between Brian and his tormentor. Look forward to reading more. Congrats on your new release.

  2. Thanks, Kathryn! They're switches, so it's just his wife messing with him.

  3. Switch or not, I love that she's taken control! He needs a good fucking, and I like that she's about to give it to him, along with a sound spanking. And did I mention that cover? It's beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I like it, too. I was so excited when I saw it.

  4. Oh my! Love the transposed roles here.

  5. Oh my, they're switches... I love the build up of her 'taking him' in this snippet.

    It's always so hot when the woman's the one in charge for a change.

    Love this, Angie.

  6. WOW HOT! Yes, I'm yelling it at you!! :)

  7. Intense. Yowsa. Turnabout is fair play, I'd say.

  8. Wow! Wonder how he will retaliate when it's his turn. I think it would make me go easier if I knew his turn was coming. Or, maybe that's what she is hoping will happen, don't they call that tit for tat?

  9. sighs, I love the detail.. and please being talking back :) love it


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