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Friday, August 2, 2013

Brattitudes (3rd excerpt-Another Man's Hand)

Hi, everyone!
This week I have another excerpt from
my upcoming book,
This one's called "Another Man's Hand."
 Another Man's Hand

“All right, get up,” he tells me.  “Get those pants all the way off.  Those panties, too.”

And even though we’ve been married a really long time and he’s seen me naked a ton of times, I hate when my panties have to come down for a spanking, and hate it even more when he has me take them completely off.

I don’t dare complain, though, because I know that’ll only make it worse, so I strip from the waist down and resume my place over his lap without even being told to.

“Good girl,” says he.  “Ready for your lesson?”


Jealousy does strange things to a man, and I don’t really blame him.  If I saw some girl put her hand on his ass, I’d lose my mind, so I let it happen without a fight, let him spank me harder and harder and lecture me the whole time, as I lie there, trying my best to accept my punishment.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed my little snippet.  Once the new book's published,
I'll make sure you guys get the buy link
so you can read the whole story, if you so desire, along with the other four in the book.
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  1. Oops! She let another man put his hand on her backside? Yup, definitely a punishable offense by a jealous male. Enjoyed the snippet, Angie, and I want to know more;.

  2. Repentant. I always like it if the spankee doesn't struggle but accepts her punishment.

  3. Oooo! She let herself get groped by another man? Yeah, I'll bet he's spanking harder and harder! Nice snippet, Angie!

  4. I like how she says she hates taking her panties all the way off. An interesting little insight into her personality, I think.

  5. mmm, jealous spanking. I love it.

  6. I really like this. I especially like that she doesn't like removing her panties for a spanking.

  7. Gasp- he wouldn't help her take her panties off? She had to do it herself?

    What a bully?

    Doesn't he know how hard it is to submit?

    You are a tease Angela! I love this!

  8. OOh nice snippet. I love the thought of a jealous spanking :)

  9. Nice snippet. She brought this spanking on herself.

  10. Really nice writing and really hawt. I love getting to sneak inside characters' heads and glimpse their hidden thoughts and feelings as they do TTWD. And I like this girl already.


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