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Friday, July 12, 2013

Handy Hannah (Excerpt)

Hi, Everyone! 
What I have for you this week is an excerpt of my story, "Handy Hannah,"
from the new book,
Sex Toy Stories 2: Erotic Tales of Naughty Play.
by F. Leonora Solomon for Ravenous Romance.
Please enjoy!
Handy Hannah
The razor strop’s no friend of mine, but it’s a damn sight better than the carpet beater.  That sucker hurts so much it nearly breaks my concentration.  I spread my legs a little more and bear down with the vibe, and by the time he picks up the hairbrush, I’m almost there.

And here’s a secret my husband doesn’t know.  When I was a little girl, I used to fantasize about getting bare-bottomed hairbrushings from a male teacher I had a crush on. 

Remembering that little tidbit makes it a cinch, and I come in right as Jack gives me the fourth swat, making me the undisputed winner.

“Ha ha, loser.  Get ready for me to open up the big can of whoop-ass.”
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this little snippet.
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  1. I love the picture on your cover. It's so hard to find good kink shots. Nice, snippet, but I hope he fixes that brat behavior...not nice.

  2. How nice, the discussion of the different implements and a memory of a crush :)

  3. Wondering what aisle in the Spanking Supermarket I can find that "Big Can of Whoop-Ass" ! Loved the snippet Angie...

  4. When you say her memory makes it a cinch for her to win, does that mean she climaxes with the fourth swat from the hairbrush? Was that the game? Intriguing snippet, Angie. Makes me wonder even more about the "set-up" for their game, the number of implements he chose and why. Lots of interesting questions from such a small, yet fascinating snippet. Great job, Angie.

    1. Every Sunday they go antiquing, and the next week Saturday the one with the best antique gets to be the top. In this particular game, she had to get off with this antique vibrator before he was done spanking her in order to win. They're very competitive, but in a fun way.

  5. Oh! The memory of the crush and the hairbrush got me going.

    1. I had a crush, too, on my fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Erickson.

  6. Fun excerpt Angie. I want to know more :)

  7. Love the character's "voice." Can really get in her head. Nice job.

  8. Love the set up you described about the antiquing etc. Very clever. I'll look at some reality shows a bit differently.

  9. Oh I love that they're having a contest-- so great!!


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