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Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Brat and the Brainiac Accepted

Hi, everyone!
I submitted my manuscript
"The Brat and the Brainiac"
and it was accepted.
It should be coming out
the next six weeks or so.
I'll keep you posted.
here's an excerpt:

“So, no offense, but does the last name work against you?”

“Weed?  Yeah.  Not too many girls want to be stuck with a Weed.”

“Why not?” she asks me.  “I think it’s a nice name.”

“You’re trying to make me kiss you again, aren’t you?”

"I wouldn’t mind.”

I throw my glasses down onto the bed and drag her into my arms once more, kissing her hard, slow and deep.  She slips her arms around my neck and caresses the back of my head, and her touch makes me shiver.

Well, I hope you liked it. 
The female main character is a naughty young miss who gets
several spankings, including
a hairbrush spanking.
She also has a few adventures
on her way to
snagging her beloved boyfriend,
Jason Weed, some good,
some bad.
You know how love goes!
Until next time,

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