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Friday, October 25, 2013

Adam's Apple - Complete Story

Hi, everyone!
In honor of the 2K word limit this week,
I'm giving you my story,
"Adam's Apple"
which appears in my book, "So Spankable!"
I'm not sure if I ever gave you a taste of  it before, but here's the whole thing.
Bon Appetit!

Where RU? said the text. 


 Wanna play?

 OK.  Meet me by the fence.

 When I get behind the shed, Adam’s holding the two fence boards open like a pair of drapes and I smile and step through the fence separating the back of our property from theirs.  We knocked the bottom nails out years ago so we wouldn’t have to go all the way around the block when we want to hang out, and even though we’re both adults now, it still comes in handy. 

 He gives me a big hug and a quick swat on the fanny and we smile at each other.  We start toward the house, but we have to pass under the old apple tree first, which gives me a good idea.

 He glances at me as he holds the back door open for me.

 “What’re you grinning about?”

 “Nothing,” I say, passing on into the kitchen.  “I just thought of something fun we can do.”

 He pulls me into his arms for a delicious kiss, and when he pulls away, he points me toward the living room and propels me forward with another smack on the ass.

 “Get naked first.”

 I stop and glance around.

 “What about…?”

 “Don’t worry,” he tells me.  “It’s the maid’s day off.”

 Since I’m hardly wearing anything in the first place, I’m naked in a matter of seconds, while Adam comes and settles himself on the couch.

 “And now for my fiendish plot,” I say, grabbing one of the apples out of the bowl on the coffee table, a nice, shiny green one.

 I take a big crunching bite out of it and I climb up onto the couch to kneel beside him, hanging onto his shoulder for support.  I smoosh the apple up against my cunt and start grinding on it, grinding my clit on it, feeling the juice run down my inner thighs.  When Adam sees what I’m doing, he automatically snakes an arm around my waist to brace me, his free hand fondling one of my tits as he watches with a wicked little grin on his face.

 The apple feels good against my pussy, nice and cool, and I shut my eyes and let myself be transported.  It doesn’t take long to get me off, and after I do, I offer the piece of fruit to him and let him have a bite out of it.

"Tastes just like you,” he tells me.  “Sweet and juicy.  Have another bite.”

I bite into it, but he stops me before I can bite all the way through.

“Bite down, but keep it in your mouth,” he says, nudging me off the couch.  I do what he asks, but for a moment, I don’t know what he’s up to.  After a second I realize he’s tugging at my arm, wanting me to come over his lap.

It always feels weird to me when I’m buck naked like this and he’s fully dressed, but it also turns me on, the denim scraping deliciously against my nipples.  I hold the apple in my teeth as I slide down across his knees and wait.

He starts out with a caress, like he always does.  That alone almost makes up for having a sore butt the rest of the day, and he starts right in, giving me five hard swats in a row.  I’m glad of the apple in my mouth, knowing I’d cry out without it.

“Spread your legs a little,” he says.

I do and he rewards me with a quick little plunge of his finger.

“Mrrphmn,” I say around the apple.

“I know,” he responds.  “But that backtalk will cost you.”

He lights into me again, busting my ass with about eight more scorchers.  The juice from the apple runs down my chin and my jaw’s getting tired, but I’m also digging it. 

A lot.

He starts fingering me again, gently pinching my clit between his first two fingers and using his thumb to pump in and out of me, but he hardly gives me a chance to enjoy it before he lays on some more hot smacks that make my ass feel like it’s roasting.

“Mrrphmn,” I repeat, tears starting to my eyes. 

“Don’t you dare bite through that apple,” he tells me.

I ease up with my teeth, because even though this is all in fun, I know it’s more than an empty threat.  He starts finger-fucking me again and I’m real close to the edge now.  I can picture his expression, all intent and serious, and I throw a glance over my shoulder at him.

He smiles down at me.

“Love you, baby.”


I whimper and come, my pussy clamping down around his fingers.  He pulls out immediately and swats me a few times, even while I’m still in the throes of my orgasm.

“Look,” he laughs.  “The dog’s checking us out.”

I glance toward the low bookshelf that divides the living room from the dining room and Ruff is sitting there, his head cocked like he’s trying to figure out what the hell we’re doing.  When I try to wave him off, he wags his tail and cocks his head the other way.

“Hehiekwuwee,” I say.

Adam removes the apple for a moment and I take the opportunity to stretch my jaw.


“He thinks we’re weird.”

He makes me bite down on the apple again.

"We are weird,” he tells me.  “Especially you.”

“Uhuh.  Ewoaw.”



He chuckles and starts feeling me up again.

“What’ve you been doing with your week?” he asks.  “Have you been a good girl?”

I nod.

“For real?”

I have to think for a moment, but then I just nod again.

“When will you do something naughty so I can try out my new toy?”

Since I have no plans to misbehave any time soon, all I can do is shrug.

Finally, Ruff comes to investigate.  He gets in my face with his gross dog breath and I try to push him away, but that’s hard to do when you’re lying over your lover’s lap with an apple crammed in your mouth and your ass on fire.  Ruff sneaks in under my guard.  He starts licking the apple juice off my chin and I squawk and almost bite through, so Adam yells at him. 

“Ruff, go sit down.” 

The poor old fellow turns and walks away, looking back reproachfully.  He settles himself down on the hearth rug with a sigh and lets us get back to business.

When Adam turns his attention back to me, I can tell he’s a little tense, so I pull the apple out of my mouth.

“How was your week?”

“Bad.  I lost a patient.”

Despite being a very harsh disciplinarian sometimes, he’s actually very tender-hearted, and losing someone always weighs heavily with him, so I lie.

“Maybe I have done one or two things naughty.”

He perks up when I say that and says, “Yeah?  Like what?”

“Like…look.  I just dripped apple juice all over your couch.”


“And I still haven’t told my new boyfriend about all this.”

He stops a moment and pulls me up to face him.

“Are you for real?” he asks me.  “’Cause that’s worth a spanking right there.”

I hang my head and nod and he pulls me over his lap again.

“I love him, Adam.  I don’t want him to leave me.”

“Here,” he says.  “Stick this apple right back into your mouth.  You’ll be needing it.”        

And I do. 

He soon has me dancing on his lap with his hard, hot hand, fast, fast, fast to make it sting.

“Are you out of your mind?” he asks me for my lecture.  “You’re getting into dangerous territory now.  It’s not just, ‘Oh, I forgot to tell you,’ any more.  Now you’re pretty much lying and cheating.  All the time”

I don’t know what to say.  I whine and point toward my face and Adam lets me remove the apple and put it on the floor.  It’s all used up by now anyway, all slobbery and rusty looking, and Adam rubs my bottom gently to dissipate the heat, but the fact is, my butt’s like shoe leather and it hardly hurts at all.

“What kind of new toy did you get?” I ask.  “You can go get it if you want.”

Adam helps me up and smacks my butt for good measure.

You go get it,” he tells me.  “It’s in the top drawer of my nightstand.  I think I want you to top me now.”

I squeal a little, all giddy with excitement because he hardly ever wants me to punish him.  I run up the stairs and find his new toy, a nice short leather strap embossed with hearts.

When I come back, he’s already bent pants-down over the back of the couch.

"I tried it out on my leg the day I got it,” he tells me.  “It leaves cute little heart-shaped welts.”

I rub his bottom before I get started and say, “Let’s see if it leaves cute little heart-shaped bruises, too.  Adam Sanger, you’ve been a very naughty boy.”
Well, I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. 
If you'd like to read the whole book,
It's available here.
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  1. Wonderful fun story. Love the switch and the Ruff's interference is so much fun!

  2. This is a happy snippet. Two people, friends, who are there for each other in the way that they need to be. I like it.

    1. I like to write happy sex stories from time to time. Thanks, PK!

  3. Really hot and cute. Thanks for sharing. Creative way to use an apple.

  4. I love the use of the apple as a gag, her mumbled words and the juice running down her chin.
    The surprise at the end... his being a switch is awesome. I can just imagine those little heart-shaped welts.

    1. I actually shoved my fingers in my mouth and said the words to see how they would sound. Thanks, LA.

  5. I love when he's dressed and she's naked as a jaybird. Thanks for the smokin' story!

    1. Me, too. Of course, I like that in real life, too.

  6. Loved this Angie and the switching lol, he's all ready for it. Haha who's the toy really for? Fantastic idea with the apple. ;)

    1. Thanks, Suzy! I was just on my way to read you snippet!

  7. I was not expecting him to be a switch! Fun surprise. I wonder what's going to happen when her boyfriend finds out about him. I loved the loose fence board part. :-)

    1. The best way to visit an old friend. Thanks for stopping by, Corrine!

  8. Loved the story, though I'm confused. Her relationship with Adam seems much more than just two "friends" playing spanking games. Does she really have another boyfriend from whom she's keeping Adam a secret? I thought it was a pretend confession, but from Adam's reaction I'm no longer sure. Is this part of a longer story?

    1. Sometimes I write my short stories as a series, but I haven't gotten around to doing another of this one. I'm glad you liked it anyway.

  9. Oh I love it! Short burst of erotic fun are the best! Spanking games especially.

    Happy Halloween!



    erzabetwrites at gmail dot com

  10. Fun and sexy!
    I kept waiting for him to spank her for talking with her mouth full, LOL. ;)

    Very nice twist with the switch at the end!

  11. I love the interlude with the dog; my Master will point out when our dog is looking at me, weirding me out. His newest joke is about "butt bikkets" because teasing me about having her take a treat from my butt just weirds me out lol. I do love the whole scene, the playful nature. The dialogue is great fun. Interesting how he talks about the new boyfriend; that was lovely to read.

    1. Butt bikkets is just too funny. Yes, that would weird me out, too. I don't even like my cats to watch. He sounds like a fun master.

      All ready for tomorrow? I think we're allowed to start at midnight.

  12. Hot, fun story, Angie! Really enjoyed it:)


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