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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Brat and the Brainiac - Jason and Miranda

Hi, everyone!
Hope your weekend has started off well.
Today, I have a snippet from
"The Brat and the Brainiac."
In this one, college student ,Miranda,
is being punished by her fiancé, Jason,
for getting a less-than-stellar grade.
I hope you enjoy it!

A bolt shoots through my heart to hear her call me ‘sir’ and I know I’m getting to her.  I stop spanking her with my hand then and sit back to admire my handiwork. 

Her bottom’s nice and pink and covered with handprints.  My hand’s a little sore, so I pick up the hairbrush and announce it’s now time for the brush.

 She grips my ankle in preparation.  I bring the brush down with a loud pop and she lets out a cry.  I do it again on the other side with the same result.

 “What is your number one priority?”

 “College, sir.”
The brush is already marking her butt, and I can feel her trying not to cry, trying to hold it all in and lie still over my lap to show her obedience.

Miranda’s a college student with a sassy attitude and too much time on her hands.  Jason’s highly educated in the science of baseball.  He’s an assistant coach, used to guiding young people in the right direction.  Well, Miranda sure could use some direction.  He takes her in hand with a trip over his knee, and little by little, they fall in love.  Will Jason’s busy career and Miranda’s saucy mouth derail their relationship, or can Jason pull it back so they can live happily ever after?  Find out here and here.


  1. Sometimes education can use a hand, or a hairbrush. I enjoyed the snippet.

  2. I do think he's getting his point across. I like him already. Great snippet, Angie.


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