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Friday, December 8, 2017

A Little Post-Brunch Fun

Hey, friends and fellow spankos,
Happy Saturday!
Good to see you all again. 
Today's snippet comes from my latest novel, 

Allison and the Outfielder 

which is going to be released December 27th.
In this scene, Josh and Allison have just returned
from a brunch at their friend, Miranda's,
and Josh wants to spank Allison just for fun.
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Until next time,

"Let me finish getting these panties off," he tells me, and reaches down for them, pulling them the rest of the way off.  "Now spread your legs," he tells me.  I do as he asks, and I feel myself trembling with excitement.  "Don't be scared," he says.  "It's only going to hurt a little."
I don't tell him how badly I want this spanking, how badly I want him to take and spank me with a hairbrush or a wooden spoon or something.  He lands a smack on my bare ass and then another.
"See?  That's not so bad."

When rookie right fielder, Josh Bright, meets Allison Taylor at a party, sparks fly.  Before too long, their relationship turns sexual, and the each reveal a secret fantasy.  She wants him to spank her, and he likes being slapped.  They indulge each other and grow even closer because of it, but problems arise when Josh is signed to a multi-million dollar contract.  Suddenly, women find him irresistible, and he responds by flirting back, something Allison could definitely live without.  He does it once too often, and with the wrong girl, and Allison calls it quits.  Can Josh curb his flirtatious tendencies and convince Allison he truly loves her or has he lost her forever?


  1. Not bad at all - in fact, she wants much more and I have to wait until the 27th to find out how much more. Great tease.

  2. Not so bad? If he doesn't step it up he liable to just frustrate her!

    1. I know. When we were new at it, I had to convince my husband that he wasn't hurting me if he went harder. Thanks for stopping by, PK.

  3. Love how he's being so tender with her, and she wants him not to hold back. They'll get on the same page soon enough. Surprising, though, that he likes getting slapped. Don't know many guys who enjoy that, but I bet it gets them in the right mood very, very quickly.

  4. Not so bad? That's just the beginning. The roller coaster is just leaving the station.

    1. It should be a fun ride! Thanks for coming by, Libby.


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