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Friday, December 15, 2017

A Little Post-Brunch Fun, Part II

Hey, friends and fellow spankos,

Happy Saturday!

Good to see you all again. 

Today's snippet comes from my latest novel, 

Allison and the Outfielder 

which will be released December 27th.

This scene follow's on from last week's, where Josh was experimenting with spanking  Allison.  They have both reached the conclusion that an implement is needed, so Josh sends her to look for one.
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"Am I hurting you?"
"No," I lie.
"Then go get me something to spank you with.  My hand's getting sore."
I get up and go into his kitchen.  I look through the drawers and try different implements until I find an olivewood spaghetti scoop.  I try it out on my thigh and it packs a wallop, so I bring it back to him and get back over his lap.  He tests it out on his hand and comes to the same conclusion.
"Are you sure you want it with this?" he asks.
"Yes.  Just...not too hard."

When rookie right fielder, Josh Bright, meets Allison Taylor at a party, sparks fly.  Before too long, their relationship turns sexual, and the each reveal a secret fantasy.  She wants him to spank her, and he likes being slapped.  They indulge each other and grow even closer because of it, but problems arise when Josh is signed to a multi-million dollar contract.  Suddenly, women find him irresistible, and he responds by flirting back, something Allison could definitely live without.  He does it once too often, and with the wrong girl, and Allison calls it quits.  Can Josh curb his flirtatious tendencies and convince Allison he truly loves her or has he lost her forever?


  1. You just keep teasing us and it's still more than a week away.

  2. Oh my... OUCH :-) She will learn... nice snip.

  3. She's either very brave or very foolish, and lying to your Dom is never wise, and I'm sure she's about to find out for herself. Love the snippet, Angie.

  4. If she wasn't sore before, she will be now.


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