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Friday, November 17, 2017

Vanessa's Spanked for Bad Language

Hey, friends and fellow spanking enthusiasts,
I'm sitting here on a pair of hot, pink buns,
since I earned myself a good-girl spanking,
AKA a "funishment",
unlike today's naughty heroine, 
Vanessa, a TV sports broadcaster
who's being punished by her boyfriend, Tommy.
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Until next time,

“Why don’t you raise up so I can take off your panties?”

She does as I ask, and as soon as she’s naked, I go back to spanking her.  Her butt’s nice and toasty and I start in again.  I spank her harder and faster than the time before, concentrating mostly on her sit spot now, because even though we’re just screwing around, I want to remind her not to curse.

“Every time you cuss, I’m going to light you up,” I tell her.  “You can’t take a chance on letting bad language drift into your speech.  What if you said something on TV?  They’d fire you for sure.”

When sports reporter Vanessa Roberson interviews baseball phenom Tommy Wright, she’s thrilled that he sticks around afterwards to ask her out. On their first date, she teases him with rumors that he’s a womanizer. To prove her wrong, Tommy invites her home to meet his family. They all take to Vanessa right away, and Vanessa’s charmed by them as well. The only problem is, she’s afraid to have a real relationship, due to a past experience with an abusive ex-boyfriend.
When she confesses to Tommy that she enjoys being taken over a knee and even likes a bit of bondage, he tells her he likes topping naughty girls, and they fall into a domestic discipline-type of relationship that suits them both.
As time goes on, Vanessa finds herself becoming more and more entwined with Tommy’s family, and she realizes she’s already fallen hard for him. She tries to break out of the stranglehold her past relationship has over her, but when Tommy shows his jealous side, she decides it’s time to end the relationship for good.
Unfortunately, living apart proves to be a lot more difficult than either of them could have imagined.
Is Tommy strong enough to make Vanessa feel safe? Is Vanessa brave enough to give Tommy a chance? Will true love win out, or will Vanessa’s stubbornness destroy their special bond forever?

Find out by grabbing a copy of your own.  It's available here and here.


  1. Good point, I suppose. We could all stand to watch our language. But sometimes no other word fits!

  2. I agree with PK. I do my best not to swear, but hubby lets 'em rip when he gets angry, and I pick up bad habits.

    1. I'm surprised my husband doesn't swear more, listening to me do it.

    2. BTW, I can't get your blog to work. I don't know if something's wrong with it or it's just me.


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