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Friday, September 8, 2017

Bob's Reaction #NewRelease Marigold and the Manager

Hi, everyone!
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In today's snippet, Marigold has just shown her new leather paddle to Bob.
Here's his reaction. 
I hope you like it!
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When I show Bob the paddle during our face-to-face session, he looks surprised.

“I thought you don’t like being punished.”

“No.  This is for play.”

“Are you sure?  That thing looks pretty wicked to me.”

“You don’t have to use it to its utmost capacity,” I tell him. 

He smiles.  “So, basically, you’re saying you like what we do together?”

“Yes.  How did I wind up here?”

“You can blame it on me.”

When college student Marigold Cavendish meets Major League manager Bob Heath at her best friend Miranda’s engagement party, the two hit it off immediately. But with a twenty-five-year age difference between them, trouble brews. Between Marigold’s parents and Bob’s grown daughter, their relationship has very large hurdles to clear.
The more time the couple spends together, the more confident they are that their love is right, and they’re able to ignore the negative influences surrounding them. Things go smoothly for a while, and then Bob asks Marigold to marry him. What should be a happy and exciting time slowly turns into something far from that.
Bob and Marigold discover their relationship can survive the long distance necessary when Bob must travel with his team, but can it survive the negative influence of family or their own insecurities? Are they strong enough individually to become stronger still as a couple and ride out the storm? Or is their relationship doomed?

Find out by grabbing a copy of your own.  It's available here and here.


  1. Dangerous move. A paddle brought purely for fun can turn against you in a heartbeat!

  2. I'd say purchasing a paddle is a definite sign she's enjoying their sessions, and I agree with PK. The sessions are fun now, but wait until she forgets herself and makes a slip. Not so much fun, then.

  3. Oh dear, Marigold - what have you done? some doors, once opened, can never be closed again. She's so innocent.

  4. And who wouldn't love a nice paddle? It looks like there is plenty of fun in store for them ;)


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