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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meeting Mr. Pink

Hi, everyone!
I have some great news:
Meeting Mr. Pink
(formerly Mr. Pink Puss)
is slated to come out next week Wednesday
(October 14th.)
Thank you all for your patience.
I know it's been in the works for a while
and I think you're all
for bearing with me.
In case you've forgotten what it's about,
here's a little snippet:

Earl came into the diner just before closing time.  He looked mad as hell, and I tried to sit him down in a booth by the corner.
"What are you doing, Gwen, going out with Wayne?”
“Have a seat,” I told him.  “Cool your jets.  We can’t talk about this here.”
“Why not?  He come here to ask you out.  You didn’t see nothing wrong with that.”
“He did not come here to ask me out.  He was already here.”
“Then it’s true?”
“Sit down,” I told him.  “Let me get you a Coke.”
He sighed heavily and flopped down into the booth, a stormy look on his face.  I poured him a Coke and brought it to him.
“I just have to count the money and all, and then I can close up and we can go somewhere more private to talk.”
“Fine,” he agreed, “but I’m telling you, Gwen, I ain’t having it.”
“Well, what more can you do to me?  You already dumped me.  On second thought, give me that damn Coke back and get on out of here.”
I grabbed the cup out of his hand and some of it spilled on the leg of his jeans.  He jumped like his ass was on fire, brushing the soda pop off onto my floor.
“There,” he told me.  “There’s your Coke back.”
With that, he left the diner, the bells on the door handle clanging against the glass angrily.

I hope you enjoyed the snippet,
and I'll remind you when it's
to the release date.
Till then,

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