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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


If you're a writer, like me,
I hope you know about #PitchWars on twitter.
It's where you enter a completed manuscript to try to win
a spot from among a list of mentors,
who will mentor you and try help you polish up
your MS and your query letter to ultimately
try for an agent in November.
I just heard about it this year, and I got busy right away,
going through the list and finding mentors I think would be a good fit for "Vengeance Jones."
It's a big list, and you can find it here, along with a better description of the contest.
Take a look at it and see if it's something you'd be
interested in trying.
And wish me luck!

Vengeance--it's not just her name, it's also her credo.

The Vampires' Ball
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