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Friday, November 21, 2014

She's No Angel II

Hi, everyone.
I'm back again this week with a snippet
from my latest WIP,
"She's No Angel II."

“All right,” he told her.  “I’m going to spank you for three minutes with this.  David can time it.”
I glanced down at my watch, and when the second hand hit twelve, I told him to go.  He started spanking her, not too hard, but with firm swats, hitting all the places that hurt the most, including her thighs.  She writhed over his lap, twisting and moaning, and after the first minute or so, she started crying.  I felt sorry for her and kept one eye on the watch, willing the time to pass.

I never thought three minutes could last so long.
“I’m sorry,” she wept, but he kept on going.

“Just because you’re sorry doesn’t mean the spanking stops,” he told her.  “You asked for this, and now you’re getting it.”
Well, I hope you enjoyed it!
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  1. I bet she's willing the three minutes to over as well. Great snippet Angela :)

  2. Almighty God,
    in His miraculous magnificence,


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