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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Vampires' Ball IV

Hi, everyone.
I'm back again this week with another new snippet from 
The Vampires' Ball, a vampire spanking romance
that is now in the can!

Regina would come, I decided, if I had to sit there all night.  I crossed my arms and sat back while she continued to masturbate, but it was just no good.  She couldn’t, or wouldn’t, come.

I got up from the chair and went up behind her.  I smacked her on the ass and she let out a whimper.

“How would you like to be strapped again until you come?” I asked her.

“No.  Please.”

“Then get busy.”

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  1. That's a heckuva choice, come or strapped again.

  2. A tough choice if she just can't come for some reason. I need to know how it turns out.


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