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Friday, August 15, 2014

The Vampires' Ball

Hi, everyone.
I'm back again this week with another new snippet,
this time from my work-in-progress,
The Vampires' Ball, a vampire spanking romance.

“Come on, Philippa.  Tell Master.  Are you sorry you’ve been so bratty?”

And still she would not answer, so I paddled her bottom a good half a dozen more times.  She was red and very, very hot, and was already getting bruised.  I was sorely tempted to get her up and bend her over and strap her good, but ten or twelve more blows and she finally cracked.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped.  “I won’t do it any more.  Please.”
I stopped and glanced across at Regina.  She nodded slightly and I leaned forward and handed her the paddle.

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  1. I did enjoy it, thank you! I always love the mix in satspanks: some sexy, some steamy some spanky some serious. This is spanky sexy! :)

  2. Great snippet! Brattiness and stubbornness seem to go hand in hand don't they ? :)


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