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Friday, July 18, 2014

Lord Ransome Part V

Hi, everyone!
It's great to be back doing #SatSpanks.
This week we have an excerpt where Lady Sabrina
is being punished with multiple inplements.

“Be still.”

I swallowed hard and did my best to obey, and all at once, he started using the tawse.

I flinched and gasped.  The heat instantly blossomed and spread out, and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy this whipping.

He fell silent and put all his concentration into spanking me, the heavy swats falling over and over, the evil tawse wrapping at my thighs and hips to place hot licks on the tender skin there.  I wept and sobbed and bit my fist to bear the pain.

Finally, he stopped.

Now I had to face the paddle.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.
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  1. Oh my! She still has the paddle to face. Great excerpt Angela! I think though that there is something wrong with your link. It links to Paige's blog.

  2. ooh, she's really getting it! yum


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