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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Mail-order Bride and the Cowboy

Hi, everyone. 
I hope you're all having a good Saturday. 
Today's snippet is about a mail-order bride's conversation with her new husband. 

“You’re a sassy little baggage, ain’t you?”

“Well, it’s a modern age.  I predict someday women will even get to vote.”

“The hell you say.”

“No, it’s true,” I told him.

“Well, even if they let you, no wife of mine’s going to stick her nose where it don’t belong.  Which puts me in mind of something else: gossiping will get your ass busted.”

Something about the way he said that made my nether parts clench up.

Well, I hope you liked my snippet.

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  1. I love the whole idea of the mail order bride and of course the cowboy! Cute snippet - he doesn't seem like he'll be compromising on much.

  2. The idea of women being allowed to vote? The worlds going to hell in a hand basket! I think this cowboy will be able to keep his woman in line.

  3. "gossiping will get your ass busted" and the nether parts spring into action... very erotic and telling charged view here for this newlywed...

  4. Definitley enjoyed the snippet. Very hot.

  5. Oh imagine, getting the right to vote. I think her new husband isn't going to take kindly to any thoughts about women's rights. Thanks for the snippet.

  6. I hate to tell him, but he's on the wrong side of history. Lol But it sounds like they're going to have a fun and entertaining relationship, just what readers clamor for. Good job Angie!


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