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Friday, November 22, 2013

She's No Angel (excerpt 3)

Hi, everyone! 
It's Saturday again already, and this week,
I have another little snippet from my #nanowrimo novel,
"She's No Angel." 
In this scene, the party David and Lisa were attending is over
and Lisa asks for a good-girl spanking.

“You were such a good girl tonight, Lisa.  I’m glad you didn’t dance with Damien.”

“I danced with Aiden.”


I popped her a little harder when she said that, but she took it with good grace.

“I want the belt,” she told me.  “Just a little.  I want to stay on track for you.”

I climbed off the bed and retrieved the belt.  The sound of it coming loose from the belt loops was enough to make both of us shudder, and I grabbed the buckle and wrapped the belt around my hand a couple of times.  I left it long like a strap and told her to get ready for a good, hard whipping.
Well, I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it! 
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  1. I love that Angie. I love that she asks for it and the reason she asks for it. And I love that he will give it to her. Very nice.

    1. Thanks, Natasha. I don't think she has to worry about him giving it to her too much.

  2. The belt, the sound of it coming through the loops, and the warning to get ready for a good hard whipping, to borrow from the Sound of Music, these are a few of my favourite things! Yum Angie

  3. Angie, this is such a wonderful snippet. "I want the belt--just a little" rings truer than true.

  4. The sound of a belt sliding through the loops is enough to get most started - it's a sound like no other. Gets me all tingly.
    Wonderful tease

  5. That is an arousing sound, and you've captured it beautifully!

  6. Absolutely love the sound of a belt sliding through loops. Nice!

  7. Nice! Belts seem to be popular this Saturday.

  8. Love the sound of a belt slipping through the loops. Great snippet :)

  9. The wisp of the belt slipping through its loops can be very erotic, and I love the way they both shudder at the sound. Great work, Angie. Hope you make your NaNo goal and we get to read more soon.

    1. As of this moment, I have just barely passed the 50K mark! Yay!

  10. oo lovely! Love the belt :) congrats on the nano words

  11. Great scene, Angie! I love that it closes with the indirect "told her to get ready for a good, hard whipping." Super-hot contrast between content and form :)


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