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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Homespun Cryonics

Hi, everyone!

If you'd like to hear my flash fiction story "Homespun Cryonics" on podcast, read by Morgen Bailey, here's the link.  There are two other stories in it by other authors, so you get a bonus.


Chris Takes the Mound

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to tell you all that my sexy story "Chris Takes the Mound" is now available on Amazon for Kindle.  Some of you may remember it from a couple of years ago when it was published in Oysters and Chocolate.  Here's the link.

'Til next time, XOXO,

Monday, December 24, 2012

Have Yourself a Naughty Little Christmas

Hi, Everyone! 

I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  My latest book, "So Spankable!" should be coming out pretty soon.  I'll keep you all posted.  In other news, I think I'm almost well!  I'll be seeing an allergist next month for shots.  Turns out I'm allergic to darn near everything! 

It's not all about feeling yucky, though.  I had a chance to start rummaging around at thrift stores and antique stores because I want to redo my kitchen.  It's so gloomy with the dark floors and cabinets and Northern exposure onto a small courtyard shaded by trees.  It hardly gets any light, so I thought I punch up the color with a little cherry red!  And I'm going kind of retro.  So far I found the cutest little red plaid lunch box, a couple of old kitchen tools with the red enameled handles, a little white shelf, and a red hanging scale, like you'd see at a farmer's market.  I still have to put up some shelves and get some pretty curtains, but I'll take pictures as I go so you can see my work in progress.

Well, I'd better get going.  I have tons of stuff to do for Christmas.  Best love to all of you, and thank you for all your support.

Until next time,
Stay naughty,

Monday, December 17, 2012

My New Book

Hi, Everyone!

Sorry it's been so long.  I am starting to feel a little better, so I was able to finish a book I've been working on.  I e-mailed it to the publisher at the end of last week, so it shouldn't be long now.  It's going to be called So Spankable!  Hope everything's good with all of you and I'll post more later.

Until then, stay sexy,