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Writers' Resources

This page is under construction,
but you can still get some useful information off of it.
Hi, everyone.

You know how helpful I like to be, 
so I won't go into it, but I've collected some awesome information to
share with my fellow writers.

Random Resources and Advice:

Cara Bristol's Spanking Thesaurus
Cara helps us out by providing synonyms, so we don't keep using the same words over and over.  My favorite category is, "Ways to Describe a Spanked Ass".
Daily Writing Tips
This site covers a lot of information.  So much that you'll just have to go there and see for yourself.  Plus, you can get the daily tips via email.

A wide variety of help for authors.  On the day that I wrote this, their blogpost was about having your author photo taken, and gave tips for the photographer.  You can also find things like platform-building tips, blogging tips, social media tips, etc.  Don't miss them, they are a great resource.  Also, if you just can master building or own website (or don't have time, etc.) they will build one for you for a price.  The advice on the blog is all free, though.

 A good place to find markets for your work.  And it's free, unlike Duotrope (but it used to be.)

Write to Done
This site has lots of useful articles, everything from how to finish what you're writing to how to be funnier.

 Erotica Readers and Writers Association:
If you're an erotica writer and you've never checked this site out, please do so now.  Many calls for submissions, and lots of other fun stuff.  Try it out.  I think you'll love it.

My Perfect Pitch:
More calls for submissions, mostly straight vanilla stuff, but still.  You can even get weekly updates via email, and he never gives you the hard sell to buy his book.

Other Bloggers:

Chuck Wendig-Terrible Minds
What can I say about Chuck?  He lays it all on the line, which is what I love about him.  He's very entertaining, and he posts a lot and has good advice.
 Morgen Bailey
Morgen (yes she really does spell her name like that) is a very sweet and hardworking lady.  If you want to be a guest blogger, she'll welcome you with open arms.  She has other ways to get you name out there, too, and she'll let you do giveaways and stuff while you're a guest.  But please keep in mind she's very busy, and make sure you follow her submission guidelines.  Also, please send her a clean copy.  She has over 4,000 followers, friends, subscribers, etc. and your post will be linked to all of them.  When I did it (Flash Fiction Friday) she even made a podcast about a week later, and that was linked, as well.  And here's the best part - drumroll, please - it won't cost you a dime!
(PS: She also builds websites, but those cost money.)


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