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Friday, November 29, 2013

She's No Angel (Excerpt 4)

Hi, everyone!
Can you believe this is the last #SatSpanks of November?
Where does the time go?
And since this is the last of November, it's also the end of #NaNoWriMo and therefore
the last excerpt from my nano novel, "She's No Angel."
I didn’t like hurting her like this, not at all, but she gave me the goddamned thing to beat her with, so what else could I do?  She expected it of me, and anyway, she deserved it and she knew it.
I could see her face reflected in the mirror.  There were tears running down her pretty cheeks, and I felt sorry for her.
“Come over here,” I told her, flopping down on the couch.  “I’m going to give you a hand spanking.”
She looked around, hopeful.  I knew it would hurt after the tawsing, but I also knew she could get to her subspace that way, so it didn’t bother me.  I took her over my lap and spanked her ass soundly, and when it was done, she looked kind of loopy and melted into my arms.
I hope you enjoyed this week's snippet. 
I'm editing the novel now, but you'll have to be patient.  After nano, I'm taking it easy!
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Friday, November 22, 2013

She's No Angel (excerpt 3)

Hi, everyone! 
It's Saturday again already, and this week,
I have another little snippet from my #nanowrimo novel,
"She's No Angel." 
In this scene, the party David and Lisa were attending is over
and Lisa asks for a good-girl spanking.

“You were such a good girl tonight, Lisa.  I’m glad you didn’t dance with Damien.”

“I danced with Aiden.”


I popped her a little harder when she said that, but she took it with good grace.

“I want the belt,” she told me.  “Just a little.  I want to stay on track for you.”

I climbed off the bed and retrieved the belt.  The sound of it coming loose from the belt loops was enough to make both of us shudder, and I grabbed the buckle and wrapped the belt around my hand a couple of times.  I left it long like a strap and told her to get ready for a good, hard whipping.
Well, I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it! 
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Friday, November 15, 2013

She's No Angel (Excerpt 2)

Hi, everyone!
This week I'm bringing you another snippet
from my #nanowrimo story,
"She's No Angel."
In this snippet,
Lisa has asked David to
spank her before a big party to help her keep from acting out.

“You’re going to behave yourself tonight, do you understand me?”

 “Yes, David.”

“I’ll be keeping an eye on you, and if I even think you’re being inappropriate, you’re going to find yourself right back over my knee.”

I let her go then, and she stood up, rubbing her bottom.

“Let’s see,” I told her, turning her around.  Her butt was pink and freshly spanked, and I leaned over and kissed each cheek gently.

“Just be a good girl now, and finish getting dressed.”

She was finally able to put her panties and a bra on, and I helped her step into her dress and zip it up the back.
Well, I hope you liked my snippet. 
I'm hoping to finish out the month with a complete manuscript
and get it fixed up and edited by the first of the year.  I'll keep you guys informed of my progress.
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This week also brought some exciting news:
The House of Erotica Winter Warmers Collection is now out!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

She's No Angel (excerpt)

Hi, everyone! 
Today I have for you an excerpt from my #Nanowrimo novel,
She's No Angel.
It's about a naughty young lady who needs a strong man's guidance.
I barely started spanking her when the first orgasm hit.

 “Oh, touch me first, David.”

I obliged her and started stroking the cleft between her legs and she came again, and then the real spanking began.  I picked up the discarded switch and spanked her to tears with it, lecturing her the whole time to keep her in the game.  She didn’t look like she was digging it, but she wasn’t shrieking in pain, either, even though she already had several nasty welts striping her bottom.  In fact, it looked to me like she went somewhere inside herself and was barely even conscious of her punishment any more. 

 I stopped whipping her then, feeling it was useless, the lesson lost.  She seemed all drugged out and in the zone.

 “Oh, fuck me, David,” she moaned.  “Fuck me now.”
Well, I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope I'll be able to finish in time. 
I'll get back to it now, but first I wanted to ask you a favor:
please go enjoy all the other authors' #SatSpanks offerings. 
They're always entertaining, and they're a great bunch of folks! 
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Erotic Fairy Tale

Hi, everyone! 
I just wanted to keep you in the loop
and let you know that I got an erotic fairy tale accepted by Sweetmeats Press! 
It's called, "Lord Sir Beast" and I hope it's one they will illustrate. 
I don't know when it's coming out of anything, but I'll keep you informed. 
Until next time,

Friday, November 1, 2013

Little Boys (Excerpt)

Hi, everyone!
This week I have an excerpt from my story, "Little Boys," which appears in the book,
Spankalicious: Erotic Adventures in Spanking by DL King.

He confessed he’d called into work when he wasn’t really sick that week.
“Why didn’t you go?” I asked him.  “What was so important you put your job in jeopardy?”
“I didn’t want to miss the first game of the World Series.”
“Okay,” I told him.  “I hope it was a good game, because here’s where you pay the piper with your truant little ass.”
So I picked the meanest wooden paddle I own to start over his jeans, and I didn’t give him any warm-up at all.
Of course, by the time we got down to his briefs, he was feeling it.  He squirmed around on my lap until I pinned his hand in the small of his back.
“Now settle down and quit being such a little bitch,” I told him.
Well, I hope you liked the snippet. 
If you want to read
 the entire story,
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