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Friday, July 27, 2018

Sweet Little Gypsy - An Angry Daddy

Hi, everyone!
It's been a while since we talked,
but that's because I went on a little vacation.
We had a good, relaxing time and celebrated our
Anyway, this week's snippet comes from,
"Sweet Little Gypsy" again.
I hope you enjoy it!

I hear him unbuckling his belt, and I pull at the restraints. They are firmly secured to the bench. There will be no escape for me, so I try to calm myself. It’s not the first time he’s used the belt on me. It will be painful, but not fatal. I lay my head on the leather padding and wait. 
The first lash falls, and I can tell he’s very, very angry.

When handsome Lord Davenport finds a young gypsy woman camping out on his property, he captures her and takes her home, with the intention of making her his little.  She is bathed, dressed like a proper young girl, and put into the nursery.  He discovers she is woefully ignorant and totally innocent, and vows to teach her, both in the schoolroom and the bedroom.  He also introduces her to the concept of strict discipline, and she frequently finds herself over his lap.  Can he tame the wild Gypsy, or will she slip right through his fingers and make good her escape?  Find out here and here.  Don't forget to check out all the other blogs, which are listed below.

Friday, July 6, 2018

WIP - Caitlin and the Catcher

Hello, everyone.
It's another hot and sunny day out.
I trust you all had a good 4th of July.
Today I have for you a snippet from my
current work in progress,
"Caitlin and the Catcher: Baseball Brides Book 5."

"Ever tried anything kinky?"
"Kinky?  What kind of kinky?"
"Ever been spanked in bed?"
"No.  I can't say I have," I tell him.
"Want to try it?"
I'm blushing even more.  I can feel it.  I shrug and say, "I guess we could try.  Not too hard, though."
"No.  Not too hard."

Since Caitlin and the Catcher is still in progress, for now, I'll give you the blurb and buy links for Allison and the Outfielder (book 4 in the Baseball Brides series.)

When rookie right fielder Josh meets Allison at a party, sparks fly. Before too long, their relationship becomes intimate, and they each reveal a secret fantasy. They indulge each other and grow even closer because of it, but problems arise when Josh is signed to a multi-million-dollar contract.

Suddenly, women find him irresistible, and he responds by flirting back, something Allison could definitely live without. He does it once too often, and with the wrong girl, and Allison calls it quits. Can Josh curb his flirtatious tendencies and convince Allison he truly loves her, or has he lost her forever?  

Want to find out?  The book is available here and here.