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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Gift Card Codes

Hi, everyone!
I have four gift card codes
for Heather Ambrose's book, 
They are free,
so if you want one, message me
with your email and if I have one left,
I'll send it to you.  Or, you can email
Heather at heatherambrose17@gmail.com.

When Liam Fairfax meets Daphne King through a dating service, he offers her a job as his Little, with the kind of perks and salary she knows she can’t turn down. She goes to live a life of leisure in his beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills. The downside of the job is, she’s required to submit to his strict discipline. Even so, she finds it far more pleasant than she expected… until Liam introduces her to his best friend, Alden Mitchell.
Alden and Daphne feel an immediate attraction to each other, but he incurs her wrath when he announces he’d like to punish her. Liam agrees. Having shared women with Alden in the past, Liam sees no problem doing so now. The trouble is, although Daphne submits to their discipline, she refuses to yield to their carnal desires.
Can the two men convince the stubborn Daphne to surrender to their sensual demands, or will the relationship crumble before it’s even begun?
Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance includes elements of power exchange.

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