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Friday, May 18, 2018

Sweet Little Gypsy - A Pleasurable Spanking

Hi, everyone!
I hope you're all doing well.
I'm doing all right.
I've started working on my query
for  my YA novel,
again, and I'm also working on
Book 5 in the Baseball Brides series.
Today's tidbit is another from,
I hope you enjoy it.

He comes back into my room and sits back down on the chair. I’m sure I’ll be spanked now, but no, all he does it sit there.
“You came when I smacked your behind.”
“Then being spanked is pleasing to you?”
“Would you like me to give you a light spanking now? Send you to bed with a warm, pink bottom?” “All right.”
“Then come here and get over my lap.”
I do, and the truth is, I love being over his lap, even when I know I’m about to be punished. I feel so close to him here, so loved.

When handsome Lord Davenport finds a young gypsy woman camping out on his property, he captures her and takes her home, with the intention of making her his little.  She is bathed, dressed like a proper young girl, and put into the nursery.  He discovers she is woefully ignorant and totally innocent, and vows to teach her, both in the schoolroom and the bedroom.  He also introduces her to the concept of strict discipline, and she frequently finds herself over his lap.  Can he tame the wild Gypsy, or will she slip right through his fingers and make good her escape?  Find out here and here.  Don't forget to check out all the other blogs, which are listed below.


  1. There are many interesting feelings both before and during a spanking. I don't always understand them.

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  3. Warm and pink is much better than hot and red any day. And being held in such an intimate position does bring out many conflicting thoughts and feelings. I totally understand.


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