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Friday, June 30, 2017

A Treat for Bob

Hey, everyone!
Has it been a week already?
It's time to relax now,
and read some snippets
from me and my friends.
You'll find the list below.

She wraps her hand around my cock and bends her head to gently kiss it. No one’s ever done that for me before, and I reach out and lift her chin. We smile at each other, and then she goes back to it, using her tongue to draw circles around my cock. I lay my head back and enjoy it, and she starts sucking me off proper. Her mouth feels good, warm and moist. I try to think about baseball to prolong things, but I find it impossible to ignore what’s happening. Pretty soon I feel myself coming so hard it makes me shudder, and I call out to her. She waits until I’m finished and then she smiles up at me and kisses my flaccid cock again.
Well, I hope you enjoyed it.
If so, why not grab yourself
a copy?
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