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Monday, November 19, 2012

Fan Fic

Hey, everyone!

Sorry so long, but I've been under the weather for the past month or so, and when I'm like that, my imagination evades me.  I mean, I find it hard to even write a tweet.

Anyway, I'm lying in bed and there's nothing on, so I watch Twilight: New Moon, since I've never seen any of those movies before.

Wow.  No wonder EL James wrote fan-fic out of the characters.  She was probably dying for something--anything--to happen.  I haven't read The Book yet, but I hope her characters have a little more life in them.  I guess teenagers find it romantic to lie about in a meadow staring at each other for hours. 

Even when there was some action, it wasn't exciting.  Bella jumps off a cliff into the sea and the werewolf boy Jacob, who has a huge crush on her, saves her.  You'd think at least that would evoke some kind of emotion out of them.  He just says in a normal voice not to jump off a cliff anymore and she doesn't even cry or look shaken up by her near-drowning.

On the upside, I hear Stephanie Meyers' books are much better than the movies, and we all know how movie-makers tend to screw up screen versions of good books.

I guess my point is, all you fan-fic writers should keep writing about the characters you love.  Who knows?  One day you might have a best-seller on your hands, too. 

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