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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cover for the Leo DeGraunce Flash Fiction Anthology

Check out the cover of the Leo DeGraunce anthology, due out fall/winter 2012.

Haven't read any of my flash fiction?  Shame on you.  But since you're so sweet, I'll give you another chance.  Here goes, just for you.


             “Come on, Adam.  You know you want to.”
            He glanced around quickly, like I’d just asked him to murder someone.
            “Are you crazy?” he asked, his whisper frantic.  “We’ll get in trouble.”
            “No one’s watching.  Besides, I’m bored.  There’s never anything to do around here.”
            He glanced over his shoulder again and I knew I was close to breaking him.
            “Please, Adam?  I want the first time to be with you, not that snake in the grass, Sam.”
            I saw a flash of jealousy in his eyes when I said that.
            “We can’t.  We’ll totally get busted.”
            “Fine.  Whatever.  But don’t say I didn’t ask.”
            I stood there pouting and let him twist in the wind.
            “Don’t be all mad,” he said.
            I cocked my eyebrow.  And my hip.
            “You know that thing you’re always wanting me to do?  I’ll do that if you do it.”
            With a desperate roll of his eyes, he glanced around one last time and sighed.

          “All right.  Give me that damned thing.  What’d he call this again?  An apple?”

Did you enjoy that? 
If so, you'll be pleased to know several more of my stories are included in the anthology, many of which have never before been published.  
I'll keep you updated as the release date grows nearer. 
Best love,

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