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Friday, January 6, 2012

Teaser: Not Since Chris

Hi, Everyone.
I'm bored today so I thought it might be fun to slip in a little teaser from a story I finished yesterday.  I hope you all enjoy it.

Not Since Chris

She brought my drink to me and went to stoke the fire. Just having something to do seemed to calm her and she jabbed a log with the tip of the poker. Orange sparks flew up the chimney, reminding me of home. I had an agonizing hard-on by then and wanted to fuck someone, anyone. I took a serious slug off my drink, then I stood up and went to grab her from behind. I slipped the poker out of her hand and turned her around to face me, then I backed her against the nearest wall and pressed her against it so tight I heard the air leave her lungs.
“Kiss me,” I told her. “Like you mean it.”
“I do.”
She kissed me so hard and so thoroughly I thought she’d climb down my throat, and when she pulled away she shot a wicked little glance at Kisho.
“You try it,” she told him. “I’ll bet you haven’t been kissed like this since Chris died.”

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