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Friday, May 11, 2018

Sweet Little Gypsy - Erotic Spanking II

Hi, everyone!
I hope you've all had a good week.
I sure did. 
Wednesday night,  my husband took me to see
We had a great time.
Anyway, there is no spanking in this week's snippet per se,
but the action's happening during Gypsy's erotic spanking.
I hope you all enjoy it.

My hips are up off his lap now, and I arch my back to stay that way. He snakes a hand underneath me, so he can reach my bud more easily, and he flicks at it, making a jolt run through my body. I want to lower myself to rub, but he won’t allow it, He just flicks my bud again and again. When I finally feel like I’ll go crazy if he doesn’t do something, he again uses the phallus like a man’s member, slowly at first, and then he gradually picks up speed. It feels wonderful, but I know I can’t come from this alone, I need the stimulation to my bud.
“Please,” I tell him.
“No. This game is called ‘withheld orgasms.’”
“No, please. I must have one."

When handsome Lord Davenport finds a young gypsy woman camping out on his property, he captures her and takes her home, with the intention of making her his little.  She is bathed, dressed like a proper young girl, and put into the nursery.  He discovers she is woefully ignorant and totally innocent, and vows to teach her, both in the schoolroom and the bedroom.  He also introduces her to the concept of strict discipline, and she frequently finds herself over his lap.  Can he tame the wild Gypsy, or will she slip right through his fingers and make good her escape?  Find out here and here.  Don't forget to check out all the other blogs, which are listed below.


  1. He seems to know exactly what he's doing.

  2. Withholding orgasms is akin to torture in my mind. Okay, erotic torture maybe, but torture nonetheless.


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