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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Cowboy and the Mail-Order Bride VIII

Hi, everyone.
I hope you all had a good week.
This week's snippet comes from a part of story
where Eleanor is feeling neglected.
She plans to get herself noticed in typical Eleanor style. 

After supper one night, I sat there with my sewing basket, sewing a button on one of John Henry’s shirts.  He sat beside me reading a newspaper, and I took a pin out of the pincushion and stuck him in the arm.
            “Ow!  What in Sam Hell are you doing, woman?”
            “Making sure you’re still alive.”
            “Still Alive?  You stick me with damn that pin again and you’ll know I’m alive.”
            I went to stick him again, but he moved out of the way.
            “What has gotten into you?  Do you want me to wallop you?”
            “It’s got to be better than being ignored.”

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  1. OK, that was super cute! Loved it!!

  2. If that's not worth a spanking, I don't know what is.

  3. She certainly does have a point!

  4. Forecast calls for pain for this brat:)

  5. ha ha! someone wants a spanking!

  6. awww how cute- too bad sewing machines can't be used in the same way. hehe, the Sam Hill line is cute :D

  7. Cue a spanking :-) lol at PK comment.

    1. Thanks for swinging by, Jaye. Always a pleasure!

  8. Talk about asking for it. With a pretty please and a bow on top


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